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The Modern Group since its inception in 1973 has constantly developed its core competence in textile industry and progressively strengthen its presence in all the segments of the industry. It's activities are segmented into five listed companies and eight manufacturing units. A broad view of these units are given below :-

Sr. No. Name of Listed Co. Manufacturing Unit Technological Allience with. Product
1. Modern Syntex (I) Ltd. Yarn Division

Suiting Division

Petrofils Division
(3rd. largest in India)

Zimmer AG, Germany
Blended Yarn

Synthetic Suitings
Polyester Yarns
2. Modern Threads (I) Ltd. Thread Division

Woollen Division
(one of largest plant in India)

Petrochemical Division

Dow Chemicals Co. USA for PTA & UOP I.A. USA for Px
Blended Yarn

Carpet and Wrosted Yarn

Paraxylene & PTA
3. Modern Insulators Ltd. Insulators Division
(one of its kind in India)
Siemens AG, Germany. EHV Insulator
4. Modern Terry Towels Ltd. Terry Towels Division
(One of the largest integrated plant)
Courtaulds, UK. Terry Towels
5. Modern Denim Ltd. Denim Division
(2nd. largest in India)
Tencate Group, Holland. Indigo Denim

A vivid overview of above reveals that Modern Group is a multiproduct diversified textile group with assets base of Rs. 1562 crores (net). Each plant has been built to a global scale of operations for achieving optimum economies and international compatible qualities which is reflected in the steady growth of exports year by year.

Baring last two severe recessionary years for industry in general and textiles in particular, group has unbroken record of profit till 1997 and remained dividend paying till 1997.

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