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Solidcore Post Insulators:
for EHV Sub-stations. For 400KV and above.

Modern Insulators produces substantial quantity of Solid Core Station Post Insulators and enjoys a major share in the domestic market.

Solidcore Long Rod Insulators:
for EHV transmission lines upto 400KV and above.
Modern Insulators has developed various designs of Long Rod Insulators for High Voltage and Extra High Voltage transmission lines suitable for use in moderately/highly polluted environments. Solid Core Long Rod Insulators with high creepage distance of 45mm per KV and with alternate shed profiles were developed for 220 KV transmission lines for the Egyptian Electricity Authority as per IEC 815. These were subjected to high voltage and power arc test ( arc current 40KA and duration 0.5 seconds );in EGU Prague PLC, a reputable international laboratory and were proved successful.

Solidcore Line Post Insulators:

Solidcore Insulators:
for Railway Traction Lines.

High pressure and High strength Hollow Procelain:
for SF6 Circuit Breakers upto 400KV and above.

Modern Insulators enjoys an exclusive position in the supply of High Strength High Pressure Hollow Porcelain to leading switchgear manufacturers in India and abroad. Modern Insulator has the privilege of supplying these in large quantities to leading H V breakers all over the World and its product become competable with NGK (Japan), Ceramtech etc.

Hollow Procelain Housing for CT's / CVT's and Lightening Arresters:
upto 400KV and above.

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